Day 6 

Posted: January 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

…of FBC’s devotional…Ready to Go again…Ezekiel 37:4…”Again, He said to me…”

God called Ezekiel. More than once. To a valley of dry bones. And Ezekiel was available and ready to serve each time.

Reminds me of others whom God called…

God called Abram. To leave family. To go to a new land. Abram responded.

He called Moses. To lead His people out of slavery. And Moses said, “Here I am”.

God called Samuel (as a boy). And Samuel said, “Here I am”.

God called Noah. To build an ark. Noah responded.

God called Esther, Jonah, Samson, David, Joshua, Daniel…

And God calls us. He calls from where we are – in the prime of our careers, the mess of life, the wilderness, the celebrations, the grief, the ravages of illness, the mundane – He calls us, He seeks us out, His desire is for us to trust Him, to walk with Him, to deepen our faith, to be available for His purpose, His glory, His Kingdom…

Do we hear Him calling? Are we available? How will we respond?


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