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Tolerance vs Redemption 

Posted: February 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

Oh how the enemy must smirk when we fall into his trap of tolerance.  By definition, tolerance is the act of enduring pain or hardship for the sake of accepting feelings, habits, and beliefs that differ from ours-even to the point we become so adjusted to that “something” that we no longer notice or experience the negative effects…we become numb, blinded, dulled, and deadened.

On the contrary, how the enemy must glower when we accept what Jesus did on the cross…He endured pain, He suffered death on a cross, He redeemed us with His blood- not to leave us numb, blind, dull, or dead; but to save us from sin and evil! Jesus exchanged His life in order for us, who confess He is Lord, to experience eternity in Heaven! Through His Word, He transforms us!

Thoughts from the message at Farmington Baptist Church…listen to the entire message hereFarmington Baptist Church Jan 31