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Posted: November 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

Questionable. That was the sermon title today. The message has bounced around in my head and heart all day. Has God ever asked me to do something questionable?

Yes. Yes, He has. 

I questioned God the day He asked me to adopt 2 children. (Truthfully, sometimes I still question Him!) I really questioned Him when Dennis seemed more accepting of the thought than me! I was like, “What?!”! His reluctance was going to be my way out! 

Of course, as Pastor Phillip pointed out today…there are things we do when we feel like God is asking us to do something questionable. We make sure we are hearing God’s voice. We make sure what we are being asked to do lines up with Scripture.  

Yes. I already knew the answers. I knew God was speaking and I knew nothing He was asking was against His Word! In those initial days, my faith was small. How could we provide for 2 more? Where would they sleep? I was not equipped to parent these children who had been through so much. So on and so on…

Yet God remained persistent. Did He answer all my questions? No and yes. Did He answer each one directly? No. But I had the only answer I needed…Jesus.  Jesus will always be bigger than my problems and more than capable of providing and equipping and meeting needs!!

I stepped out in obedience. I trusted my Savior. He is sufficient. With each step of obedience, God grows my faith. Some steps of obedience have been painful, some sad, some joyful!  

I believe many of the things God asks us to do are questionable. Questionable when compared to the ways of this world! The Lord declares that His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts! Isaiah 55:8-9 

One thing I know for certain, I don’t ever want to miss His voice. I want to be ready to serve and follow in obedience. The best way to know His voice from all that demands my attention? To devote myself to reading and applying His Word and to devote myself to prayer! I am blessed that the Creator of this universe desires to commune with me through His Word and prayer!