Life in death

Posted: March 14, 2017 in Uncategorized

February and March are hard. Several family members have passed away during these months.

Feb 1989 Clara Hunt-my great grandmother; March 17, 1994 Mildred Money -my grandmother; Feb 4, 2015 Mary York -my mother in law; March 11, 2015 Betty Gallimore -my grandmother; March 13, 2015 Carolyn Money-my mother. 

Women. Generations. Family that helped shape me into the woman I am…some good.some probably not so good. 

I first saw Jesus through my great grandmother. Her faith and love of His Word forever etched on my heart. I always considered myself blessed immensely to have three “grandmothers”.  Her death was my first real encounter with grief! 

My MawMaw Money. I think I get my OCD tendencies from her! She always liked things just a certain way. She made me believe I could accomplish anything!

My mother in law. She set the bar high for how a mother should treat her daughter in law. There was never a day that I felt like a daughter in law. She loved me as a daughter! 

My MawMaw Gallimore. She taught me how to play Rummy and we never stopped. She took me camping and I loved to watch her cook. I learned a few tricks by watching!

My mom. I think I got my love for reading from her. There are numerous times when I cannot get enough to read! I’ll devour an 600-800 page book in a night!! 

Lives. Deaths. Legacies that live on in children, grandchildren, great grandchildren.


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